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The best of "Beat Box" on Spotify

The sliced-off-genitals-delivered-in-a-jar sequence is the main reason why Foxy Brown will never air on The Hallmark Channel.
Foxy Brown (Photo source: Denver Westword)
On A Fistful of Soundtracks, "Beat Box" airs Mondays at 6-9am and noon-3pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays at 6-9am and 1-4pm and Fridays at 7-9am and 1-3pm. The three-hour block, which is two hours long on Fridays, contains selections from '70s film scores that have been sampled by beatmakers in hip-hop and electronica (like the late Willie Hutch's music from Foxy Brown). If you find most film music to be too staid for your tastes, then "Beat Box" is most likely for you.

Also part of the block are selections from scores that hearken back to the blaxploitation era. One such score is the 2009 Black Dynamite score by Adrian Younge, who also wrote the original music for Titmouse's animated version of Black Dynamite (which concluded its first season on Adult Swim last night with special guest star Clifton Powell voicing the sleazy preacher dad who abandoned Dynamite when he was "a children").

Meanwhile, 'Soda and Pie' will make you feel like a coked-up '80s douchenozzle.
Although some listeners feel like they're '70s macks when they tune in to "Beat Box," the playlist isn't all-'70s all the time. There are also original themes that were performed by hip-hop artists (Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" from Do the Right Thing and The Roots' "What You Want" from The Best Man) and cuts from recent scores that appeal to beatheads, like Steven Price and Basement Jaxx's excellent 2011 Attack the Block score, which Talib Kweli and Z-Trip sampled in their new Attack the Block mixtape.

This ain't the best time to shit your pants, unless the presence of human excrement is what kills the gorilla wolf muthafuckas War of the Worlds-style.
Attack the Block
On Spotify, I was surprised to find that the service carries the entire Attack the Block soundtrack album, as well as 41 other tracks that are part of the "Beat Box" playlist. Here's a sampler of "Beat Box."

Complete tracklist after the jump...

"Beat Box" sampler tracklist
1. Guy, "New Jack City"
2. Barry de Vorzon, "Theme from The Warriors"
3. Dennis Coffey and Luchi De Jesus, "Theme from Black Belt Jones"
4. Adrian Younge featuring LaVan Davis, "Black Dynamite Theme"
5. Johnny Pate, "You Can't Even Walk in the Park (Opening Theme)" (from Shaft in Africa)
6. The Four Tops, "Are You Man Enough" (from Shaft in Africa)
7. Isaac Hayes, "Title Theme (from Three Tough Guys)"
8. Curtis Mayfield, "Freddie's Dead (instrumental version)" (from Superfly)
9. James Brown, "Down and Out in New York City" (from Black Caesar)
10. Marvin Gaye, "Trouble Man"
11. Willie Hutch, "Theme of Foxy Brown"
12. Joe Simon, "Theme from Cleopatra Jones"
13. Love Unlimited Orchestra, "Theme from Together Brothers"
14. Gladys Knight & The Pips, "On and On" (from Claudine)
15. The Roots featuring Jaguar Wright, "What You Want" (from The Best Man)
16. The Staple Singers, "Let's Do It Again"
17. Kalyanji Anandji, "Theme from Don"
18. Stelvio Cipriani, "Mark il poliziotto - Originale"
19. Stanley Clarke, "Passenger 57 Main Title"
20. Public Enemy, "Fight the Power" (from Do the Right Thing)
21. Steven Price, Felix Buxton & Simon Ratcliffe, "The Block" (from Attack the Block)
22. Ice-T, "New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme)" (from New Jack City)
23. Curtis Mayfield, "Junkie Chase (Instrumental) (full-length version)" (from Superfly)
24. David Holmes, "Kensington Chump" (from Ocean's Thirteen)
25. Adrian Younge featuring Dionne Gipson, "Shine" (from Black Dynamite)
26. Brian Tyler featuring Slash, "Mustang Nismo" (from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)
27. David Holmes, "Yen on a Carousel" (from Ocean's Twelve)
28. David Holmes, "7/29/04 The Day Of" (from Ocean's Twelve)
29. Steven Price, Felix Buxton & Simon Ratcliffe, "Round Two Bruv" (from Attack the Block)
30. Johnny Pate, "Shaft in Africa (Addis)"
31. Willie Hutch, "I Choose You" (from The Mack)
32. Curtis Mayfield, "Give Me Your Love (Love Song)" (from Superfly)
33. Adrian Younge featuring Toni Scruggs, "Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)" (from Black Dynamite)
34. David Holmes, "Planting the Seed" (from Ocean's Eleven)
35. The Pointer Sisters, "Pinball Number Count" (from Sesame Street)
36. Curtis Mayfield, "Pusherman" (from Superfly)
37. Isaac Hayes, "Hung Up on My Baby" (from Three Tough Guys)
38. David Holmes, "Fender Roads" (from Ocean's Thirteen)
39. Steven Price, Felix Buxton & Simon Ratcliffe, "Rooftops" (from Attack the Block)
40. Roy Ayers, "Escape" (from Coffy)
41. David Holmes, "Snake Eyes" (from Ocean's Thirteen)
42. David Holmes, "All Sewn Up" (from Ocean's Thirteen)
43. Basement Jaxx, "The Ends" (from Attack the Block)
44. Curtis Mayfield, "Superfly"
45. Willie Hutch, "Brother's Gonna Work It Out" (from The Mack)

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