Monday, April 4, 2011

An old Cheap Seats segment features Chesty McWooden from Twilight

'Sklarbro Country: like eatin' an 8-oz. Kansas City rib-eye. You gotta chew on it awhile. Break it down. Let it digest in your gut. Then the next day, when you're squattin' over a hole in the woods, scroungin' for an oak leaf to finish it off, it hits ya: you do it for the taste. Sklarbro Country: goes down like meat, comes out like gravy.'
On a recent episode of Sklarbro Country with special guest Amy Poehler (whose laughter I always enjoy hearing, and she does a lot of it during this standout ep, mostly because of James Adomian's hysterical Jesse "The Body" Ventura impression), the Sklar Brothers briefly discussed with Poehler an installment of their ESPN Classic cult favorite Cheap Seats where the brothers snarked on footage of a karate demonstration by a then-unknown Taylor Lautner, a few years before they and the rest of the world became familiar with Lautner and his impression of a wooden washboard in the Twilight movies.

After listening to Randy and Jason mention that 2006 Cheap Seats segment, I had to go YouTube that segment, which I hadn't seen in a long time. Hearing the Sklar Brothers slap around a blue-haired, pre-movie set trailer tantrum-having, 11-year-old version of Lautner made my day. God, I miss Cheap Seats (even though it's finally dropping on DVD!).

The sponsor of that junior karate tournament was Paul Mitchell. Because the first thing I think when I watch martial arts is "Gee, these roundhouse kicks would look more impressive if the kid had frosted tips."

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