Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dumbfoundead needs a dollar

I've posted before about how Aloe Blacc's "I Need a Dollar" is one of my favorite TV themes, as well as a favorite current song, so I wish I had heard this track sooner. In January, before "I Need a Dollar" blew up, thanks to its inclusion in the opening titles of the recently renewed How to Make It in America, one of the best battle rappers, L.A.'s Dumbfoundead, laid down his own lyrics over Aloe's track.

A much-talked-about list from the new blog Make It in the Motherland recently named Dumbfoundead the 10th greatest Asian American rapper of all time. Nah, based on his battle skills alone (like the way he anger-managed Tantrum in that freestyle battle video, which is such a terrific moment of pwnage I'm going to link to it again), I'd have to place Dumbfoundead higher on that list.

APRIL 28 UPDATE: Actually, I'm not sure when exactly Dumbfoundead dropped the "I Need a Dollar" remix. Blogs didn't pick up on it until a couple of weeks ago, while Dumbfoundead's site says it was first posted some time in January, but that date might be a typo. How would he have been able to record the remix before Stones Throw posted the original track (which is actually from an album that hasn't been released yet) back when the show premiered in February? Did he kill somebody to get his mitts on it? Maybe he has a time machine.

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  1. I love DFD! He and Wax kill it!