Friday, April 9, 2010

Coming Soon to a Theater in an Alternate Reality Near You

'We didn't land on Plymouth Rock! Plymouth Rock landed on us! Do y'all want to pick Door Number 1--the ballot--or Door Number 2--the bullet?
This was originally going to be a regular feature on my blog. Two April Fools Days ago, I posted some fake movie posters I made in Photoshop and was going to create some more, but I forgot that I suck at Photoshop, so Coming Soon to a Theater in an Alternate Reality Near You never became a regular thing.

Lately online, I've spotted some amusing posters for movies that don't exist, including a You Offend Me You Offend My Family poster of a whitewashed version of Better Luck Tomorrow, so I'm bringing back Coming Soon to a Theater in an Alternate Reality Near You to compile the cleverest or funniest examples of fake poster art.

The Matrix by Sean Hartter
I'd enjoy this John Boorman-directed Bruce Lee version of The Matrix way more than the actual Matrix. Poster by Sean Hartter.

Mister Miracle by Sean Hartter
Mister Miracle by Hartter.

Black Panther by Sean Hartter
Black Panther by Hartter.

Reyes and Straume by Sean Hartter
Coming soon to a TV in an alternate reality near you: the Lost spinoff Reyes and Straume (also by Hartter).

Aziz Ansari and Danny Pudi in RAAAAAAAANDY by Vulture
From the Vulture blog's "Date Night–Inspired NBC Team-Ups We'd Like to See on the Big Screen" slideshow.

Six and the City, an entry from a TWoP Pixel Challenge
From a 2004 Television Without Pity Pixel Challenge.'s Indiana Jones and the Missing Dentures of Orthodontia
From's "movies that never existed but should have" forum.'s gritty reboot of Mr. Magoo
From's "If Hollywood Decided to Give Everything a Gritty Reboot" contest.'s gritty reboot of Cheers
Another Cracked gritty reboot: Edward Norton's Cheers.'s Cheers/Clerks mash-up
Another fake Cheers movie poster, this time from

The next three are from Cracked's "Worst Possible Casting Decisions" contest.

Wayne Brady as Malcolm X

Lil Jon in Ray

Robert Downey Jr. in Driving Miss Daisy

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