Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alternate Posterama 2: Electric Boogaloo

Inglourious Basterds by David Choe
Inglourious Basterds by David Choe.

Inglourious Basterds by Estevan Oriol
Basterds by photographer Estevan Oriol (the Choe and Oriol posters were part of a Basterds-inspired art show that raised money for Haiti earthquake relief at L.A.'s Upper Playground Art Gallery).

Arrested Development vs. Star Wars
Arrested Development/Star Wars mash-up. [Via The Live Feed]

Mythbusters vs. 007
Mythbusters/007 mash-up. [Via The Live Feed]

Antichrist vs. Fantastic Mr. Fox
Antichrist/Fantastic Mr. Fox mash-up by SamsMyth.

'Oh no! Not the tape! Not the tape! Aaaaahhhhh! Oh, my eyes! My eyes! Aaaahhhhh! Aaaaagghhh!'
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans by Alan Hynes. [Via Super Punch]

'I'll give you mook!'
Mean Streets by Raid71.

'I'd paint three of those murals for some of that ass.'
Wild Style by The Fat Beicon.

Alphaville by arrangement
Alphaville by arrangement.

'You look like a radioactive tampon.'
Moon by marcos c.

'Atlanta? You can't be serious! That's Siberia with mint juleps!'
One, Two, Three by marcos c.

'You never learned to mind your surroundings!'
Batman Begins by TheMadmind.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, love the posters, particularly INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. And FANTASTIC MR. FOX was my favorite animated movie of last year (also dug the not quite animated WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE).

    Now about those inglourious Beasties. I read your Beastie Boys soundtrack article, and you're right about HEY LADIES. We can talk for hours about how innovative PAUL'S BOUTIQUE was on many levels. But I'm gambling that collection of videos does not cover the LICENSED TO ILL-era clips since those are Def Jam (not Capitol Records) and from the get-go, the Beasties had some of the funnest, smartest videos. Witness the gag-laden videos for SHE'S ON IT (their first), NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (which were like Warner Bros. cartoons or something) and even HOLD IT NOW HIT IT - just the Beasties mugging for a fish-eye lens - had its charm.

    And not to be trifled with is Run-DMC's classic video for IT'S TRICKY, also in the Def Jam family.

    An interesting curiosity is on the TOUGHER THAN LEATHER movie soundtrack: there's a lost Def Jam-era song called DESPERADO on the soundtrack (in the movie and not out on an album) that was never released since.

    OK, time to pass the mic, Jimmy Jam Aquino! Till the next episode....