Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Rock Box" Track of the Day: Tom Jones, "Sex Bomb (Peppermint Disco Mix)"

My dream episode of Battle of the Network Stars would pit the girls from the fake nighttime soap Grosse Pointe against the girls from the fake sitcom Room and Bored, the shitty show that actress Valerie Cherish resurfaced in on The Comeback. And the episode would involve lots of mud wrestling.
Song: "Sex Bomb (Peppermint Disco Mix)" by panties collector Tom Jones
Released: 2000
Why's it part of the "Rock Box" playlist?: It's the opening title theme from Grosse Pointe, Darren Star's amusing WB spoof of his own creation Beverly Hills 90210. In one of the show's most memorable gags, Star poked fun at the fact that his 90210 characters were played by actors who were way too old to be pretending to be teens by having one of the male stars of Grosse Pointe's show-within-the-show wear a toupee. The most well-known (and busy) alum from the short-lived Grosse Pointe is Lindsay Sloane, who went on to do two more Grosse Pointe-esque inside-showbiz projects, Entourage and the wildly funny Judd Apatow production The TV Set (rent that film whenever you need to feel better after a favorite show of yours got killed by its network--or maybe you shouldn't rent The TV Set when you're mourning the loss of that show because the film's look at the TV industry can be downright depressing stuff).

Producer Mousse T.'s pretty damn catchy "Sex Bomb" remix, which sampled "All American Girls" by Sister Sledge, also turned up on the original version of The Office and The Simpsons.

From a 2000 PopMatters review of Grosse Pointe:
The opening credits of Grosse Pointe feature Tom Jones singing "Sex Bomb (The Peppermint Jam Disco Mix)," which is somewhere between scary and laughable, and also quite catchy. To a funky disco beat, he sings, "You're my sex bomb, and baby, you can turn me on / Now don't get me wrong, ain't gonna do you no harm / No, this bomb's for loving and you can shoot it far..." This sets the mood for the rest of the show — it all seems so familiar, just slightly off, maybe a little disconcerting. But it's only the beginning. Grosse Pointe is a mean, mean show — and nobody escapes the knife.

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