Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Rock Box" Track of the Day: The Motherhood, "Soul Town"

The Mother Hood. Didn't that star Robert Townsend?
Song: "Soul Town" by The Motherhood
Released: 1969
Why's it part of the "Rock Box" playlist?: It's featured in Ocean's Thirteen.
Which moment in Ocean's Thirteen does it appear?: The closing credits (right after my favorite ending in the three Ocean's films: Brad Pitt's way of apologizing to David Paymer for what he and the crew had to put him through as part of their revenge plot against Al Pacino).

Of the three Ocean's soundtracks, my favorite has to be the third and final one, because of how much music supervisor David Holmes' score music had evolved since Eleven, as well as his taste for obscure tracks like Puccio Roelens' cover of "Caravan" and the breezy and badass "Soul Town" instrumental by the Krautrock band The Motherhood. (Plus, Thirteen opens with future "Rock Box" Track of the Day "The Riviera Affair" during the studio logos, and it doesn't contain a certain Elvis track I grew sick of hearing after it got overplayed and horribly remixed by Junkie XL).

The Motherhood was a fusion band led by German saxophonist Klaus Doldinger, the composer of the scores to Das Boot and The NeverEnding Story. I can hardly find any info about this phase of Doldinger's career or "Soul Town." I like how the tune kicks off with a slightly out-of-place piano solo straight out of Ramsey Lewis' "The 'In' Crowd."

"Soul Town"'s a comin'.

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  1. Ronald Wayne WolseyJanuary 17, 2014 at 6:00 PM

    Great song with groove