Thursday, October 8, 2009

Memorable quotes from commentary tracks #3

'And Jack, you stick around or you gotta cut out? Cuz we still gonna watch the rest of the movie, you late-ass muthafucka.'
Jack Black: Look at my dick! Oh, it's gone. It's out of focus now.

Lincoln Osiris-voiced Robert Downey Jr.: Was you chubbin' up?

Black: [Laughs.] You know, Ben would lift weights, and I would chub up.

Osiris-voiced Downey: Baruchel comes into his own here too.

Black: Everyone has their own preparation.

Ben Stiller: Yeah, Jay's great in this scene.

Osiris-voiced Downey: Jay B. brings it.

Stiller: He's the grounding force.

Osiris-voiced Downey: Man, look at Brandon T. That's a beautiful man.

Stiller: Yeah, Brandon has great skin. Really, uh, just has a thing that just jumps off the screen.

Osiris-voiced Downey: Well, he's handsome.

Stiller: He is.

Osiris-voiced Downey: Man, look at him.

Stiller: The thing about... And Brandon did a great job in this scene...

Black: He does glisten.

Stiller: ... because this is a big reveal for his character.

Osiris-voiced Downey: You was all over him about the knittin' and how he need to make the knittin' look a certain way. You were fuckin' up in his head that day, man. I don't know how he made it, you toxic muthafucka.

--from the Tropic Thunder cast commentrak

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