Monday, October 5, 2009

Memorable quotes from commentary tracks #1

Richard Jordan foils a home invasion led by a blurry-looking Alex Rocco in The Friends of Eddie Coyle.
"When I first think about composers and choose one either from the experience of the work he's done or by a particular score that he's written, I always like to sit down with him obviously and run the film and let him take the film back with him and play it at home a couple of times and then come back and discuss what is needed, where music is needed or where music is not needed. I mean, there's a time during Bullitt when Quincy Jones was going to write the score, when I ran the picture with him early on, and he said, 'Nope. That's a mother. I couldn't put music onto that. It would only spoil it.' So he felt that to... I agree. A lot of cases, music does take away from the drama. Once you hear music, you're inclined to think that it's Hollywood, so I was very careful with the music in Eddie Coyle because the one thing we avoided all the way through was making a Hollywood movie."

--Bullitt and The Friends of Eddie Coyle director Peter Yates, from the Coyle commentrak (where he also praises Dave Grusin's jazzy Coyle score, which some have derided as "the sort of thing that gives the electric piano a bad name")

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