Friday, June 19, 2009

"I Need to Score" T-shirt by Shelf Life

The Deuce's PopeyePete linked in a recent tweet to a bunch of ill exploitation cinema-related T-shirts by the Cleveland-based Shelf Life Clothing. Here's the illest of them all:

Finally a film music T-shirt that doesn't look dorky.

These are the legendary film music composers whose faces are on the shirt:

Love the shirt, but where's Elmer Bernstein?

Shelf Life's shirt design for their film music tee is way better than the shirt design I came up with for my CafePress store a long time ago:

Coming soon: a 'Horner Recycles' shirt.

'Morricone Rocks' T-shirt by Jimmy J. Aquino

In a hipster T-shirt market with too many racist companies and not enough Blacklavas, it's nice to see Shelf Life defy the market and be pro-Asian for a change:

'No Dogs and Chinese Allowed' was a musical number deleted from Snoopy Come Home.

I like that this Bruce Lee shirt's got the same colors as his Game of Death tracksuit. They ought to make panties in those Game of Death colors too because that would be a dope gift for my girlfriend.

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  1. Hey I love the designs and concepts - I can't seem to find the Bruce Lee's "no dogs and chinese" shirt" in the website.

    I would love to get my hands on one. Please hit me up at This would be greatly appreciated. Thanks