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AFOS: "Superhero Worship" playlist

Airing today at 10am and 3pm Pacific on the Fistful of Soundtracks channel is one of my most well-received episodes of A Fistful of Soundtracks: The Series, "Superhero Worship" (WEB54) from November 2004. Last week, I was looking for some older eps to stream in the Wednesday "Classic AFOS" time slot and noticed I hadn't streamed WEB54 in a while. I played back some of WEB54 on GoldWave and thought, "Hmm, unlike most of the eps I did in 2004 and 2005, this ep isn't so bad," so that's what I'll be streaming in this week's "Classic AFOS" slot.

'Alright, trick, make it quick. I've got to be at a meeting with the Commissioner in 10 minutes. How much was it for a ZJ again?'

1. John Williams, "Prelude and Main Title March," Superman: The Movie, Warner Archives/Rhino
2. Michael Giacchino, "The Glory Days," The Incredibles, Walt Disney
3. Bob Harris, "The Amazing Spider-Man," Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 4: Defenders of Justice, TVT
4. Danny Elfman, "Spider-Man 2 Main Title," Spider-Man 2: Original Motion Picture Score, Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax
5. John Ottman, "Suite from X2," X2, Superb/Trauma
6. Shirley Walker, "Main Title," Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Reprise
7. Puffy AmiYumi, "Teen Titans Theme," Nice, Bar/None
8. Michael Giacchino, "Saving Metroville," The Incredibles, Walt Disney
9. Joey Scarbury, "Theme from Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not)," Fahrenheit 9/11, Warner Bros./Rhino
10. Danny Saber & Marco Beltrami, "Blade II (Main Title)," Blade II: Original Motion Picture Score, Varèse Sarabande
11. 702, "Pootie Tangin'," Pootie Tang, Hollywood
12. Al Hirt, "Green Hornet," Kill Bill Vol. 1, A Band Apart/Maverick/WMG Soundtracks
13. Danny Elfman, "Theme" (from The Flash), Music for a Darkened Theatre: Film & Television Music--Volume Two, MCA Soundtrax
14. Nerf Herder, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme"
15. Thomas Chase, Steve Rucker and James L. Venable, "The Powerpuff Girls," Toon Tunes: Action-Packed Anthems, Rhino
16. Doug Katsaros, "The Tick," Toon Tunes: Action-Packed Anthems, Rhino
17. Michael Giacchino, "The Incredits," The Incredibles, Walt Disney

Film and TV music journalist Jon Burlingame recently did a nice L.A. Times profile on Giacchino, who's had a busy year so far (Star Trek, Up, Land of the Lost Box Office Receipts). From my archives, here's some feedback about the Giacchino-heavy "Superhero Worship":

"Hi! This isn't to request any music ( well, actually, I do have something I would like to hear) but to tell you what a pleasant surprise you gave me.... I saw The Incredibles a few weeks ago ( loved it) and I was bowled over by the cue that accompanies the scene where Mr. Incredible uncovers Syndrome's plan and then is captured... I loved how Giacchino did a great John Barry without being a parody. I bought the soundtrack and I have been wearing out that cue, plus it was really nice, after listening to it at least 10 times last night, to come in this morning and hear it on your show! Thanks! It's always cooler when someone else plays it...."
--Kevin Greene, New Jersey, December 6, 2004

"I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Oh man, I had goosebumps most of the time and I think I teared up during some of the themes. I am totally geeking out over the whole thing. What wonderful scores! Ah! I can't get over how COOL this new episode is!

I was thinking about eventually requesting the theme that's played during the credits of
The Incredibles, but now I have my fix, so nevermind! Yay!

Thank you again for the work you put into Fistful... it's such a wonderful station to listen to while working."

--Ginger Ludden, Indianapolis, December 6, 2004

"I must say, the recent Fistful ep, Superhero Worship, is my favorite one to date.", Scottsdale, Arizona, February 28, 2005

Here are mentions of "Superhero Worship" on other people's sites:

"I was listening to A Fistful of Soundtrack at work the other day, and Jim Aquino had put together a show all about superhero themes. Ranging from good (Superman title) to awful (60's Batman theme). Which got me to thinking how completely great some of these themes are."
--"The Take Out Bandit," NeoGAF Forum, July 2, 2005

"So, as far as superhero costume designs go, they don't get much simpler than the outfit worn by the X-Men's Cyclops, in the late 1960's and 1970's. Cyke had pretty much straight blue spandex, with yellow trunks, gloves, and cuffed boots, that plastic, yellow visor with a red lens, and a red belt, with a yellow-and-black 'X' logo design. His mouth and nose were visible, while the rest of his head was covered in the blue spandex, making his cranium look like a penis with glasses.

Credit for the 'penis' joke goes to Jimmy Aquino, at", "Action Figure Customizing 101," 2005

Repeats of A Fistful of Soundtracks: The Series air Wednesdays at 10am and 3pm.

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