Monday, June 29, 2009

"The Best of Jimmy J. Aquino on Twitter," Part 5

'Bachelorette #1, if you were a rat, what kind of rat would you be?'
The sampling of tweets from my Twitter page concludes.

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MSNBC's Michael Jackson coverage is this close to turning into SNL's "Buckwheat Is Dead" sketch.
3:33 PM Jun 25th from web

Favorite MJ-related childhood memory: My brother and sister getting mad at our dad for not taping one of MJ's '84 AMA acceptance speeches.
4:39 PM Jun 25th from web

Tweet #500: Least favorite MJ-related childhood memory: MJ tearing his shirt off during "Dirty Diana." "Your body starts to shiver," indeed.
4:58 PM Jun 25th from web

Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett-Majors in Charlie's Angels, before Farrah pulled a Caruso.Though I understand why Charlie's Angels fans like @cinebeats love and miss the late Farrah, parts of Farrah's show haven't aged well...
6:20 PM Jun 27th from web

... especially the scenes w/ Charlie the double entendre-crazy recluse boss in the Montalban toupee, easily the lamest part of the show.
6:21 PM Jun 27th from web

Charlie is a lazy douche. We never see him go out and do much legwork. He's the laziest, cowardliest head of a P.I. agency in TV history.
6:22 PM Jun 27th from web

Apparently, Charlie is an agoraphobe who's too busy getting laid to do any work, so he sends out his assistants to get their asses shot at.
6:23 PM Jun 27th from web

Why do we never see Charlie's face? The facelessness makes him look evil, like he's Dr. Claw or Cobra Commander or something.
6:24 PM Jun 27th from web

Maybe Charlie looks like a white Shabba Ranks (, and the cameraman's too frightened to show Charlie's face.
6:25 PM Jun 27th from web

To borrow @scrubbles' words, the Charlie's Angels theme music by Jack Elliott and Allyn Ferguson is the ultimate in blow-dried fabulousness.
6:27 PM Jun 27th from web

The best rendition of the Charlie's Angels theme was the pilot version: Damn, Jaclyn Smith was the hottest Angel.
6:28 PM Jun 27th from web

Christina Chambers, Tricia Helfer and Lauren Stamile from Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie's AngelsThe chick who played Jaclyn Smith in the Behind the Camera: Charlie's Angels TV-movie was the hottest one there too (
6:29 PM Jun 27th from web

@cinebeats The thing I hated the most about the Charlie's Angels movies was the lack of guns.
6:35 PM Jun 27th from web

@cinebeats It just isn't the same without the heroines pointing their guns and yelling "Freeze!"
6:36 PM Jun 27th from web

Bosley, you may be a dork, but I'd like to thank you for making the air conditioning at Charles Townsend Investigations stay cold for 5 yrs.
3:16 PM Jun 28th from web

WGN has been showing the Charlie's Angels ep in which Farrah's stunt double flees on a skateboard from a bad guy.
6:05 PM Jun 28th from web

"The role of Jill Munroe is now being played by Lupe Fiasco in a blond wig."
6:05 PM Jun 28th from web

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  1. My gawd. Could Kate Jackson BE any more covered up? Ridiculous. Ask almost any GIRL from that era, they will tell you Sabrina was the bestest Angel!