Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Rome, Italian Style" Track of the Day: Goldfrapp, "Utopia (New Ears Mix)"

This song takes me to a warm, comforting, supernatural-related place, like, for example, the Ghost Whisperer's cleavage.
Song: "Utopia (New Ears Mix)" by Goldfrapp
Released: 2000
Why's it part of the "Rome, Italian Style" playlist?: The original version of "Utopia" sampled one of Ennio Morricone's Sicilian Clan score cues, but even without that sample, the ethereal New Ears Mix of "Utopia" maintains the original's Morricone-esque feel. Alison Goldfrapp's mostly wordless vocals totally channel Edda Dell'Orso in this version. The New Ears Mix would make for a great opening title theme for a scripted show about parapsychologists or Dark Shadows-esque, non-wimpy vampires or something. In fact, when I wrote a brief treatment for an idea for a paranormal drama set in Amityville, New York, one of my notes said, "The opening theme should be Goldfrapp's 'Utopia (New Ears Mix),' from Café Del Mar, Vol. 8."

Alison Goldfrapp says, 'Give a hoot, don't pollute.'

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