Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Just when I thought I saw all the clever signs from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's nearly one-week-old Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, more signs continue to be collected and posted online.

'I fought Nazis and they don't look like Obama.'
(Photo source: Rachel Donner)
That WWII vet's sign and this one I saw during Comedy Central's live telecast were neck-and-neck for my favorite sign:

'Make awkward sexual advances, not war.'
(Photo source: Funny or Die)
But then I discovered the following four. Those of us who have been suffering from post-election blues need some cheering up, so here are some other funny signs you might have missed.

One rally-goer channeled a movie I love (the guy who shouted that line used to regularly pester Colbert on The Daily Show!) and another rally-goer amusingly referenced a recently-debuted-on-Blu-ray '80s movie that's still enjoyable despite its really dumb race-related moments.

'I scare Juan Williams at airports.'
(Photo source: The Huffington Post via FoD)

'I don't know what we're yelling about!!'
(Photo source: Ryan Splitlog via FoD)

'Re-elect Mayor Goldie Wilson. Honesty, decency, integrity.'
(Photo source: Blastr)

'Socialist or something.'
(Photo source: Blastr)

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