Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Omar comin'!": The Wire gets amazingly interpreted by artist Dennis Culver

Coming next fall to HBO Family: Omar, Butchie and the two lesbian stick-up artists whose names I can never remember in The Wire: The Animated Adventures.
For my forthcoming self-published compilation of my webcomic, I'm presently working on a section about The Wire, which will consist of "30 Reasons Why The Wire Is the Best Show Ever" and a piece of Wire-related artwork that was done by me.

I was Googling to see if there were any illustrators out there who ever interpreted The Wire in pencil and ink when I stumbled upon a fantastic Wire character gallery that True Tales of Roller Derby artist Dennis Culver recently posted on his Flickr. (*Exasperated sigh*) My drawings of the Wire characters will never look as dope as Culver's.

If The Hallmark Channel ever airs reruns of The Wire, I'll look forward to their redubbed version of Senator Clay Davis.
[Via ComicsAlliance]

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  1. The "SHEEEEEEEIT" behind Clay Davis alone makes his portrait the best. But I do love McNutty with his pants down.