Monday, September 21, 2009

Stuff White People Like But This Brown Man Can't Stand #2: Snuggies

A Snuggie fashion show? What's next? A line of pencil skirts made out of ShamWow towels?
WTF, white folks? Snuggies make you look like creepy members of the world's wussiest cult or the Polyphonic Spree.

When it gets cold indoors, there's a far less idiotic-looking piece of clothing I prefer to put on. It's called a sweater.

Snuggie is a ridiculous product name too. It doesn't belong on a garment that's so dorky and white. Snuggie's more like a name for a pimp ("Bitch betta have Snuggie's money or Snuggie's gonna cut somebody!").


  1. Yeah, but Slankets are cool, right?

  2. All sleeved blankets, whether they're called a Snuggie, a Slanket or a Slunky, are dumb-looking.

  3. Agreed. Besides, aren't "sleeved blankets" really just cloaks?

  4. They look like the cloaks Ernest Borgnine wore in The Devil's Rain.

  5. i feel the same way
    they look like you are some part of some evil wizard cult shit
    i can't stand them

  6. Wow I knew someone would have to say something about this. Snuggies, especially the snuggie commercial, makes white people look so fucking corny holy shit.

    Things like the snuggie is what makes black people think every white person is corny and nerdy. I've always wondered why black comedians think white people sound like their impressions but now I realize.