Thursday, September 3, 2009

The reason why A Fistful of Soundtracks isn't in podcast form

A new Fistful of Soundtracks tile, based on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly opening titlesBryan Magan is the latest of several listeners who have asked me, "I'd like to have A Fistful of Soundtracks on my iPod, so what are the chances of turning it into a podcast?"

The chances are nil.

If A Fistful of Soundtracks were a podcast, I'd end up more broke than I already am. It costs less to run AFOS as a Live365 radio station than as a podcast, which is why I've never joined the podcastosphere, where, because of the kind of music I play, I'd have to deal with expensive music licensing fees and other legal issues.

It's illegal for podcasters to include copyrighted music on their shows, unless the label or copyright owner gives them clearance. And then comes my favorite part--the labels' hefty licensing fees. That's why a lot of podcasters who prefer to be law-abiding ones choose to do their podcasts as talk shows rather than music shows. Some of the more law-abiding podcasters who have music shows only use songs that are already cleared for podcast use, a.k.a. "podsafe."

If you want some AFOS on your iPod, use a streaming audio capture tool to record some of the stream, allowing you to be able to hear AFOS anytime, anywhere.


  1. all good reasons. I didn't know podcasters had to fork over fees for licensing. I just thought the cost would be for bandwidth. Thanks for the info and I updated my link. Thanks again for the great music selection.

  2. Yeah, I am a podsafe caster.... I can't imagine someone doing one in your subject area in a totally kosher way, especially given your exposure.

    So I totally don't blame you from being wary.