Sunday, July 8, 2007

So EC thinks he won't dance

G4's Attack of the Show has a segment called "Around the Net," in which the hosts play the silliest viral videos from YouTube, which are often clips of skaters or extreme sports guys landing on their nuts. Since when did YouTube turn into America's Funniest Home Videos? All that's missing is Bob Saget introducing the clip with some lame pun supplied by some douchebag reject from the Small Wonder writing staff.

While others spend their time on YouTube watching unfunny homemade videos, I enjoy YouTube for its vast collection of clips from TV's past, like some great and rare live music footage.

Here are a couple of music clips I've enjoyed watching over and over on YouTube. The first is Elvis Costello and the Attractions performing "No Dancing" at a live gig that must have taken place between My Aim Is True and This Year's Model. This Attractions version of "No Dancing" is cooler than the version Costello recorded with Clover on My Aim Is True. It's a slightly slower and more menacing-sounding rendition, plus what the Clover version doesn't have is Steve Nieve rocking the '60s-ish organ and Pete Thomas kickin' ass on drums.

The other clip is a bit timely because of the eagerly awaited DVD release of the old This Is Tom Jones variety show. It looks like this clip isn't even included on the box set, which sucks (those godsdamn music rights issues are the culprit again?!). In this clip, everyone's favorite panties collector does an awesome cover of "Treat Her Right" and busts out some wild '60s white guy dance moves that threaten to dispel the notion that white guys don't have rhythm. Well, they don't, but Tom Jones does. Not even Carlton Banks could frug like Tom does during this clip:

My former colleague Todd Inoue is a Jones fan too. Here are some highlights from an ancient Todd article about "Tom Joons and hees puntees," as my mom would say:
What I love about Tom is that he has a laugh at the behest of his wonderful, overwrought persona. It's a shtick that's followed him around since "What's New Pussycat?" and lasted all the way to his gag cameo as himself in Mars Attacks! Look up "chutzpah," and there he is with shirt open, gold chains dangling.

Most of all, the man can sing the hell out of a tune...

Three panties got airborne after the '70s hit "She's a Lady."

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