Monday, October 14, 2013

A compendium of cool cosplay

Boldly wearing what no weather chick has worn before.
Star Trek: The Next Generation cosplay!

Drake the type who'd hold all these Degrassi girls' purses while they take selfies.
Degrassi "Purple Dragon/naked Emma" episode cosplay!

So Flay we all!
Galactica cosplay!

One of Zosia Mamet's co-stars on Girls is Jemima Kirke. That was an incredible impression of Amy Poehler's impression of Kelly Ripa that Jemima Kirke did at that Jay Z 'Picasso Baby' video shoot she got her ass thrown out of.
Sydney Bristow whenever she woke up in a hospital on Alias cosplay!

All you need to do to summon him is to twerk the letters of his name in Morse code three times.
Beetlejuice cosplay!

Had no idea Jordan Catalano was a fan of second-tier Mel Brooks movies. Life Stinks must be his Citizen Kane.
Spaceballs henchman cosplay from the waist down!

Many white people feel that Downton Abbey's most recent season was far from purrrrrfect. I wouldn't know about the current quality of Downton Abbey because I'm neither white nor do I give a fuck about Downton Abbey.
Eartha Kitt cosplay!

Morriconeality, what a concept, ooh.
Ennio Morricone cosplay!

Who cares that Gravity isn't accurate about science? What people should instead be tripping over is why Sandra Bullock doesn't puke once during the movie after there was so much dialogue early on about how space-sick she always gets.
Justin Bieber cosplay!

"Hall H," a 10-hour block of original music from shows and movies that are popular at comic or anime cons and are frequently cosplayed at those cons, airs Saturdays and Sundays at 7am Pacific on AFOS.

Peep security officer Tasha Yar in a miniskirt. It's the only time she wore one. Unless you're Maggie Q in Nikita or Magnus: Robot Fighter, I don't think fighting enemies in a miniskirt is such a good idea.

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