Monday, March 25, 2013

Can a really dumb, two-year-old tweet get you bounced off the "AFOS Prime" playlist? Hell yes

What the fuck is Corey Feldman doing in Spring Breakers?
(Photo source: The Playlist)

I never really cared for Skrillex's music, but I thought a couple of the score cues that the EDM DJ/producer composed for Spring Breakers were decent (the film also features score cues by the always terrific Cliff Martinez, who worked on Drive). I added one of the Skrillex cues to "AFOS Prime" rotation last week. And then while enjoying Jezebel's guide to hipster racism, a post from last year that I've seen a few blogs mention but I've never gotten around to actually reading until now, I encountered this:

The wit and wisdom of Skrillex, ladies and gentlemen.
Uh, no, you're not "aloud" to use that word at all, Skrillex.

This Milli Vanilli-haired shithead's off the playlist.

He's being replaced by the never-before-released score cues from Trouble Man, which are bonus tracks on the Trouble Man soundtrack's recent 40th anniversary reissue and were composed by someone who'd probably beat the shit out of Skrillex if he heard him use that word.

Fuck off, Skrillex. Make way for a legend.

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