Monday, December 3, 2012

"Brokedown Merry-Go-Round," a new AFOS block, begins this week

'Hey, someone better be Instagramming this carousel totally blowing up!'
(Photo source: Precious Bodily Fluids)
After upgrading AFOS to stereo over the weekend, I didn't notice until this morning that so many "AFOS Prime" tracks come from animated shows and movies, whether for adults (The Venture Bros.) or adults who have to give their hyperactive kids something to sit through to keep them from destroying shit (Ratatouille). There are enough tracks from animated works to fill a new AFOS block I'm calling "Brokedown Merry-Go-Round."

In addition to all the score cues from Venture, Pixar, Bruce Timm shows and Cowboy Bebop, the new block will contain some tracks that are exclusive to "Brokedown Merry Go-Round" and aren't in rotation during "AFOS Prime," like music from You & the Explosion Band's disco score to Lupin the 3rd. The smooth Lupin R&B instrumental "Magnum Dance ~ Lonely for the Road" is like the perfect break for DOOM to spit rhymes to. "Brokedown Merry-Go-Round" airs weekdays at 2-4pm.

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