Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness March of the Day: "Main Title" from Batman by Danny Elfman

Worst city planning ever.
(Photo source: Stefan the Cameraman)
In her 2004 book Danny Elfman's Batman: A Film Score Guide (wow, there's an actual book devoted to Elfman's Batman score?), Janet K. Halfyard wrote, "[Elfman's] theme is in a minor key and it is not actually a march, although it could be mistaken for one... as the theme enters in a more obviously militaristic manner, the pulse more than doubles [from MM70] to MM146, which is more of a gallop than a march."

So if you listen closely to certain sections of the 1989 Batman main title theme, they don't... Aw, who gives a shit? If its sound makes you want to march or go beat up a creepy clown, it's a march.

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