Monday, September 26, 2011

"Grandpa, tell us the story again about the man whose life got flipped, turned upside down": 10 amusing tweets related to TV theme music

Mindy Kaling
--recent New York Times Magazine profile subject and Office star/writer Mindy Kaling

Patton Oswalt and Noel Murray
--Patton Oswalt and A.V. Club writer Noel Murray on TCM's TV ratings graphics music

Patton Oswalt

John Fugelsang
--Patton Oswalt and John Fugelsang on CSI and The Who


--fake lyrics for the instrumental theme from The Good Life, a.k.a. Good Neighbors, the subject of one of The Young Ones' funniest Vyvyan scenes:

Jonah Hill
--Jonah Hill, looking into the future

Josh Greenman
--New York Daily News writer Josh Greenman on the July 31, 2011 debt debate

Ryan McGee
--HitFix's SNL and Fringe recapper Ryan McGee

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