Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aaron Takahashi and his golden pipes

Aaron Takahashi's tryna get to U and dat booty.

Improv comic Aaron Takahashi (Yes Man, Reno 911!) is turning into Madison Avenue's go-to guy for pop song reinterpretations that are entertainingly embarrassing (but not in a cringe-inducing William Hung minstrel show kind of way). Last night, a World Series commercial break contained this amusing State Farm ad in which Takahashi goes buck wild over a Kansas song:

Takahashi is the same guy who got caught singing the E-40/T-Pain/Kandi Girl chune "U and Dat" to himself in an office men's room in an equally funny Amp'd Mobile ad a few years ago:

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  1. I laugh my ass off when I see his commercials. In spit of how funny he is, he is a good actor as well.