Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hurm, it's a mystery, Charlie Brown: Why are there two Watchmen/Peanuts mash-ups?

As the release of the Watchmen movie approaches, here are two different Watchmen/Charlie Brown mash-ups I just recently discovered on the Web.

'Who Watches the Watchnuts' by Jeff Parker

I would have added Silhouette Peppermint Patty to the team portrait.

Dr. Manhattan is thinking 'Good grief!' in Evan Shaner's recently recolored Watchmen/Charlie Brown mash-up.

Nineteen years after writer/artist Jeff Parker drew the clever "Who Watches the Watchnuts" spoof for a 1989 issue of the now-defunct Comics Scene magazine, cartoonist Evan Shaner created a similar mash-up. It turns out Shaner wasn't aware of Parker's earlier cartoon (he was only four years old when the issue came out). While Shaner's mash-up is also amusing, the Van Pelt siblings as the Comedian and Silk Spectre is an image I'd rather not think about. Ewwww.

[Via Parkerspace]

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