Saturday, October 4, 2008

Funniest comment on the Biden/Palin debate

Another one of Caribou Barbie's talking points cracks Senator Biden's shit up. Or maybe he's amused that Palin dodged yet another one of Gwen Ifill's questions. She dodges subpoenas, the press and now the moderator. Never trust a big wink and a smile.Garry Shandling's guest appearances on Real Time with Bill Maher are hit-and-miss, but on this week's Real Time, his theory on how Joe Biden prepared for his debate with Sarah Palin had me rolling:

"I think he watched tapes of how Johnny Carson used to deal with Charo... She was this close to saying cuchi-cuchi."

Why the hell did moderator Gwen Ifill let Governor Peggy Hill change the subject during the debate? I've seen better moderating on an IMDb message board.

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