Monday, August 25, 2008

"Shutup, I Love This Title Screen," Part 7

'Now, Mr. Dancer, get off the panties. You've done enough damage.'
Anatomy of a Murder
Title design by Saul Bass


  1. This is my favorite post yet.

    Watching the titles is my favorite part about watching movies.

    I think the ultimate dream job would be to just do movie titles for a living...

    I've been meaning to post lots more screen caps (of all the titles that I've taken), but they don't come out so great on my SK3 phone cam.

  2. Title designing is one of my dream jobs too. Stay tuned for more shots from my favorite title sequences.

    The next one will come from the amazing titles of a short-lived series that should have been a breakout show for Jeffrey Donovan and Vera Farmiga. I miss this show, but had it not been cancelled, we wouldn't have gotten the equally awesome Donovan show Burn Notice.

  3. Maybe you already know about this?

    I just found it when I was looking for a photo from the movie we just watched, And Soon The Darkness.

  4. Steven Hill's Movie Title Screens Page is a nice site. I first came across it in 2005. According to my PC, the first image that I saved from Hill's site was the title screen from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I know it's a weird title sequence to be fond of because it's not an attention-grabber like the work of Saul Bass or Imaginary Forces, but I always dug the Open Capitals and Eurostile fonts that were used in the titles of all the Jones flicks except Temple of Doom. (Yeah, I'm a fontophile too.)