Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cloverfield "Roar" theme disappears from iTunes

Fans of either Cloverfield (which I haven't watched yet) or the music of composer Michael Giacchino have been looking forward to downloading the '50s monster movie-style "Roar," Giacchino's nearly 10-minute Cloverfield closing credits theme, ever since the iTunes Store announced that it would release the full-length 12-minute version of "Roar" for $1.99 on Tuesday, April 29. ("Roar" was made available only to American iTunes customers. Sorry, limeys.)

Apparently, the availability of "Roar" was short-lived. Even though "Roar" skyrocketed to #13 on the iTunes album sales chart, the iTunes Store removed the track after only a couple of days, without letting any of its customers know. It's as if "Roar" never existed.

On Wednesday night, I tried to buy "Roar," but the download was taking too long to finish. I thought maybe the iTunes Store was down at the moment, so I gave up on the download and quit iTunes to reopen it at a later time, hoping that the store would be up and running by then and the download would automatically resume.

When I reopened iTunes the next day, the download never resumed. I did a search for "Roar" in the store, but the track's gone. It no longer exists.

What the hell, iTunes?


  1. Damn that sucks. Must be a glitch. I got the track, by a chance heads-up somewhere online, the day it came out in iTunes. The rest of his stuff's still there. I hope it comes back for those who missed it.

  2. iTunes brought it back this morning. But now it's $1.00 cheaper and the fans at the Film Score Monthly boards who bought it last week for $1.99 are pissed.