Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New AFOS episodes: "Around the World in 60 Minutes" and "The Wonderful World of Covers"

Still have not recovered yet from the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con--even though I was there for only one day (Saturday). It was my first time down there. The Comic-Con was crowded. And a bit smelly. Here's a moment that wasn't smelly: above is a photo of me with the lovely Mandy Amano, who models for covers illustrated by her artist boyfriend David Mack of Kabuki fame. Her little dance in a Super Bowl Pepsi/iTunes ad made her an Internet sensation a few years ago, which is funny because she actually prefers Coke over Pepsi.

One reason why I wanted to meet Mandy was because she mentioned in an Macenstein Q&A I posted earlier that she likes listening to film scores, which makes her an even cooler chick in my book. So when I ran into her at the Image Comics booth, we chatted briefly about scores we like (she's crazy about scores from Guillermo del Toro flicks).

I'm always asked, "What are your favorite scores?" and of course, Mandy asked me what they are. My answer to that question is always, "I don't have favorite scores, but I have favorite composers, like Morricone," because I have so many favorite scores that it's difficult just to choose a few out of the pack.

Hey, it's HRG, sans the HRG. I spent most of my one day at the convention center in Ballroom 20 because of the TV show panels in that room, particularly the Heroes panel, which drew a maximum-capacity crowd (one of my favorite moments during the panel: Masi Oka entering the stage in a T-shirt that said "Hayden is my hero").

Heroes staff writer Jeph Loeb promised to reveal a mystery guest--the person who's going to write and direct the first episode of next season's Heroes: Origins spinoff. The mystery guest turned out to be Kevin Smith, whose entrance caused everyone in the ballroom to have a nerdgasm. "A series closer is what I am," joked Smith, "because I was on Veronica Mars, and now that's canceled too."

After the Comic-Con, I flew straight from San Diego to San Francisco to record two new episodes of A Fistful of Soundtracks: The Series: "Around the World in 60 Minutes" (WEB90) and "The Wonderful World of Covers" (WEB91). WEB90 premieres today (it's the first of August already?) and WEB91, which includes Green Day's Simpsons Movie cover of the Simpsons theme, premieres Thursday. (I snapped this life-size Simpsons Movie promotional diorama in the lobby of Century Theaters in San Fran, which was where I saw The Simpsons Movie.)

Here's an excerpt from the script for WEB90:

"Earle Hagen once called his I Spy sound 'semi-jazz.' From the 'So Long Patrick Henry' Hong Kong episode of I Spy, we just heard a bit of Hagen's 'semi-jazz,' including the main title theme, one of my favorite TV themes of all time. Bill Cosby TV shows always had great opening themes. The weekly travelogue that was I Spy meant tons of great-looking footage of foreign lands. It also meant lots of interesting stories of behind-the-scenes mishaps on these faraway locations, which were recounted by the TV Guide website's Televisionary column... There was the time I Spy's Japanese production manager got kidnapped, and the producers had to pay off the Yakuza to get him back. I think the same thing happened during the making of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Weird Harold got kidnapped, and Filmation had to pay off the Harlem mob to get him back. Which probably explains why Filmation cartoons always looked so damn cheap."

WEB90, which focuses on scores from movies that were shot all over the globe, includes cues from The Bourne Ultimatum, Casino Royale and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Raiders cue I included on WEB90 is "Desert Chase," a highlight of the Raiders score that makes me more enthusiastic about the arrival of the fourth Indiana Jones movie. (Karen Allen is returning as Marion Ravenwood, the only Jones babe who's worth a damn? I think I see another nerdgasm coming.)

Anyway, enjoy these two new eps. Let's conclude this post with something I always close out my posts with, hot man-on-man action (between Greg Grunberg and Sendhil Ramamurthy at the Heroes panel):

"Parkman baby, you're the greatest!"