Monday, May 18, 2009

Secret Identities "Sampler" gallery

A panel from 'Sampler' by Jimmy J. Aquino and Erwin Haya

Here are four different interpretations of June Park, the dry cleaning store worker heroine I created for my Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology short story "Sampler." The "I suck at math" T-shirt-wearing June works at a store where many of the customers are superheroes.

June Park of 'Sampler' illustrated by Erwin Haya

June, as drawn by Erwin Haya in the story itself.

June Park of 'Sampler' illustrated by A.L. Baroza
June, by Secret Identities: TAASA co-artist A.L. Baroza. It's a spectacular pinup by A.L., and it's nice to see June in color for a change.

June Park of 'Sampler' illustrated by Jerry Ma
June, by Secret Identities: TAASA art director Jerry Ma (the full version of his portrait of all the Secret Identities characters can be viewed here).

June Park of 'Sampler' illustrated by Jimmy J. Aquino

June, specially drawn for this blog by her creator, writer and occasional, not-exactly-seasoned-and-professional cartoonist Jimmy J. Aquino, a.k.a. me.

I came up with several different captions to accompany my illustration of June. Yesterday, I had a hard time deciding which caption to post under it (I asked a friend to pick which one, and she said, "Any of them!"), so throughout this week, I'll be posting each of the other captions under the same illustration.

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