Friday, November 28, 2008

Secret Identities will feature my comic book writing debut

It's a shame that the most popular Asian superhero in any medium right now is Heroes' increasingly tiresome comic relief Hiro Nakamura, who should have evolved into a sword-wielding badass but hasn't really changed much since the beginning of that goddamn show. To quote DISGRASIAN, 'Dude. Why are you talking like a castrato? You can bend time... Lose the accent and stop giggling like a little girl losing a tickle fight.'About a year ago on this blog, I said, "I've become involved in a very exciting project for 2008 that I don't want to really go into detail about on this blog until the time is right to go into detail about it."

Now that the project is near completion, I can disclose what it is.

It's J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. I was Zoe Saldana's bra fitter. My first day on the job, I had a drooling problem I eventually learned to overcome.

Okay, I'll stop playing. The project is actually the forthcoming New Press graphic novel Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology, and I contributed a short story called "Sampler."

Secret Identities' complete star-studded lineup of writers and artists is listed here. The graphic novel is set to hit stores this spring.

It's the illest idea for a graphic novel: an anthology of stories about Asian American superheroes, ranging from humorous tales to more serious ones with connections to Asian American historical events. Can you name one single current Asian American comic book superhero? Well, there's the Atom, Amadeus Cho, Nico from Runaways and Jubilee from the X-Men (does she still appear in the X-titles?)--and that's about all I know. Secret Identities will change that by introducing dozens of new Asian American heroes.

When I first heard about this unprecedented project, I was determined to become a part of it. I pitched three story ideas to the Secret Identities editors. Two of the pitches centered on Pinoy characters, and one focused on a Korean American heroine. The editors went with the one about the Korean girl, and that's what will appear in Secret Identities, with art provided by the talented Erwin Haya.

More details about "Sampler" and Secret Identities will be posted on this blog as the anthology's street date approaches.


  1. that is great news...i love comics, so you know i'll be first in line when this hits the streets. congrats.

  2. good luck with that, jimmy. yo, your comics are hot. don't mind if i post on you in a couple days i hope. keep it up.

  3. Thanks, guys. I appreciate the big ups, TMM.

  4. hey bro, thought id drop a line to say that i had an awesome time with your script! hope i did it justice somewhere in my chicken scratch attempt. and id like to hear about the other two pitches you had in mind sometime. rare to hear a script centered around pinoys. pac-man got me swelling up with pride.