Thursday, April 10, 2008

The 30 funniest moments of 30 Rock, Part 3

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I love these 10 moments so much I wanna take them behind a middle school and get them pregnant.

10. The flashbacks to Kenneth's out-of-control party, where Liz did something unspeakable to Grizz and Dotcom and made them cry. Jack's morning-after hair will be requested by guys in salons everywhere next year. ("Greenzo")

9. The Rockefeller Center Salute to Fireworks, which the writers based on an actual post-9/11 NBC special that looked too much like a certain September morning in Manhattan. ("Fireworks")

8. Ghostface Killah and his video hoes can't get through the Donaghy Estates wine commercial shoot without frequently spitting out the product, which "tastes like the urine of Satan after a hefty portion of asparagus." ("The Source Awards")

7. At poker night, the eagle-eyed Jack is able to identify each of the 6H staffers' tells ("When Frank is bluffing, he asks a series of inane questions to hide his nervousness." Frank: "Oh really, is that what you think? Is that what I do? Am I doing that right now?"). Except for Kenneth's tell. As Frank observes, no one can read Kenneth's thoughts because he doesn't have any. Jack's determination to solve the puzzle that is Kenneth gives Baldwin the opportunity to bust out his awesome impression of Hannibal Lecter imitating Clarice Starling. ("Blind Date")

6. Baldwin at his most unhinged during season 1: The montage of a newly divorced Jack wandering Manhattan on Valentine's and steadily losing his marbles. The fact that Baldwin didn't win an Emmy after season 1 bits like Jack's drunken night out during V.D. boggles the mind grapes. ("Up All Night")

5. The girlie cries of Jonathan the assistant (Maulik Pancholy) after Jack pretends to fire him. ("Rosemary's Baby")

4. Liz's dead-on Condie Rice impression ("She always sounds so terrified"). ("The 'C' Word")

3. Dr. Spaceman's explanation for his bloodied lab coat: "I was at a costume party earlier this evening. And the hostess' dog attacked me, so I had to stab it." ("Hiatus")

2. Tracy: "I love foxy boxing! It combines my two favorite things: boxing and referees!" ("Greenzo")

1. Jack helps Tracy reach a breakthrough in his therapy by acting out the roles of Tray's dad, Tray's mom, Tray himself, the white dude that his moms left his dad for, and the angry Latina neighbor upstairs. It's a hilarious sequence that recalls Baldwin's classic "Mimic" sketch from SNL. (By the way, why the blerg is "The Mimic" missing from SNL's Best of Alec Baldwin DVD? Is it those pesky music rights issues again? Hey SNL compilation producers, if you don't want to pony up for the Henry Mancini Peter Gunn tracks that were used in "The Mimic" and are perhaps the reason for the sketch's disappearance, just replace them with generic music. It's not like "The Mimic" needs those Mancini tracks.) The best line in the role-playing sequence comes from "Tracy's dad": "Lady, just because I'm an ignorant black man and you paid me a nickel to bust up your chifforobe doesn't give you the right to call me ridiculous..." ("Rosemary's Baby")

Now can Baldwin take home that Emmy?

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