Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The 30 funniest moments of 30 Rock, Part 1

To count down the days until the eagerly awaited April 10 premiere of the first new post-strike episode of my current favorite prime-time sitcom, 30 Rock, here are my 30 favorite moments involving the Studio 6H gang (I'll start with #30-#21 today, followed by #20-#11 tomorrow and #10-#1 on Thursday).

30. The oeuvre of Rural Juror author Kevin Grisham, John's brother. Try saying that five times fast. ("The Rural Juror")

29. Jenna practices her "Muffin Top" moans for an uncomfortable Pete (Scott Adsit). The self-centered TGS with Tracy Jordan cast member is the latest in a long line of Jane Krakowski characters whose sexuality makes people uncomfortable. That National Lampoon's Vacation discussion about French-kissing in which a teenage Krakowski declared that "Daddy says I'm the best at it" has typecast her for life. ("Jack-Tor")

28. Tracy's angry glare at Jenna when she starts singing during his "Midnight Train to Georgia" musical number. Jeff Richmond, the series' underrated composer and musical director (as well as Tina Fey's husband), is the next Alf Clausen--listen closely to how he cleverly interweaves his theme music for Liz (a.k.a. the "Pam the Overly-Confident Morbidly Obese Woman" theme from the pilot episode) with "Midnight Train." ("Episode 210")

27. Tracy's trailer for his Thomas Jefferson biopic ("Source Award nominee Tracy Jordan, NAACP Image Award presenter Tracy Jordan and Academy Award watcher Tracy Jordan is... Jefferson"). ("Corporate Crush")

26. Jack's retort to Liz's puzzlement over why he's wearing a tux at work: "It's after 6. What am I, a farmer?" ("Tracy Does Conan")

25. Rachel Dratch as Barbara Walters. ("The Ruh Juh")

24. Liz's Cerie-ified new look repulses Frank (Judah Friedlander): "You're making me gay!" ("Jack the Writer")

23. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it gag: Jack's drunk Russian hooker (Dratch again) tries to European-kiss Liz. ("Up All Night")

22. Cerie (Katrina Bowden) gets insulted by Greenzo (David Schwimmer): "Did he just talk to me like I'm ugly?" ("Greenzo")

21. Tracy warns Jack about the kids from the tough neighborhood of Knuckle Beach, "a world where orange soda is an acceptable substitute for breast milk." ("Cougars")

Tomorrow: #20-#11.

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  1. The ep with Midnight Train has been on my Tivo since it aired. I've "rewound" that musical number maybe a thousand times and never fail to laugh when Jenna pops up and Tracy glares at her. Comic gold. Another top 10 from that series for me is in that same episode, when Kenneth says coffee makes him feel "like his heart his trying to hug his brain." This is the ep that finally made me realize that I love this show more than The Office.

    On another note, I was wondering why my blog was getting hits from your site; I'm in your blogroll! Thanks for the extra traffic.

    On another side note, I used to work at Metro, too. 1993-2000, in the production department.

    --Kelly (www.letterstojake.blogspot.com)